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The Best-Selling Car Model: A Global Icon

New cars are produced annually by different brands. These cars are built to meet the ever-increasing demands of modern car owners.  However, irrespective of the thousands of car models out there in the market, some particular models seem to be in high demand year after year. Well, this can be linked to the exceptional performance and affordability of those models.

The Toyota Corolla stands tall as one of the most iconic car models globally, boasting a decades-long legacy of reliability, durability, and widespread popularity. Since the launch of the first model in 1966, until today, the Corolla has remained on the top lists of best-sellers annually. Also, the Toyota Corolla is the most produced car model ever, with over 44 million units sold worldwide.

Why is everyone buying this car? What’s making it such popular? This article explains the core reasons why the Corolla has remained the best-selling car model for decades now – comparing it to the Toyota Avensis, a closely related model.


Toyota Corolla: A Legacy of Excellence

Corolla, launched in 1966, instantly secured a huge market share in its category, thanks to its fuel-efficient engine options and affordable maintenance costs. This Toyota model is remarkable for its exceptional reliability and durability. Along with being a fuel-efficient compact car, the Corolla also provided decent room for passengers and cargo.

In its classification as a compact sedan, Toyota has beaten every other car model in this category to the highest number of annual sales. Although newer Corolla models don’t seem to be as strong as the older models, the series has already earned a reputation for longevity and low maintenance costs.

Over the decades, the design of the Toyota Corolla has changed totally from what it used to be, but the models still have high reliability and low maintenance costs. Of course, the Corolla comes with safety features and driver-assist technologies, while still maintaining its core attributes of dependability and affordability.

Toyota Avensis: A Near Alternative for Toyota Loyals

Similar to the Toyota Corolla, the Toyota Avensis is yet another impressive car series from the Japanese brand. Introduced in 1997, the Avensis is built as a mid-size sedan offering a blend of comfort, performance, and style.

While it couldn’t make a significant impact like the Corolla, the Avensis found a way to melt into the hearts of drivers seeking a more refined driving experience and advanced features. With its sleek design, spacious interior, and superior handling, the Avensis targeted a different demographic compared to the Corolla, focusing on comfort and sophistication.

Comparison: Corolla vs. Avensis

These two Toyota models may look closely similar in physical aesthetics, but they are different in many aspects. Firstly, the Avensis is bigger than the Corolla in terms of roominess of the passenger compartment and cargo space. But, the Corolla offers better manoeuvrability and agility for urban driving conditions, thanks to the compact size.

Also, discussing the engine, the Avensis tends to offer more powerful engine options, but the Corolla shines in terms of fuel efficiency with its smaller engines, which still deliver enough horsepower for city driving.

In terms of features and technology, both the Corolla and the Avensis offer lots of cutting-edge features, depending on the model year and variant you buy. However, the Avensis typically comes equipped with more advanced infotainment systems, driver-assist technologies, and luxury-oriented features, reflecting its positioning in the mid-size segment.

In contrast, the Corolla focuses on essential features, prioritizing simplicity and ease of use, appealing to a broader audience with diverse needs and preferences.


An essential component of any car’s design is the headlight. Interestingly, both Corolla and Avensis come with modern headlight designs. Car headlights are part of the design and they add to make a car model more aesthetically appealing.

While Toyota Corolla models typically come standard with halogen headlights and optional LED headlights for higher trims, the Toyota Avensis often comes standard with LED headlights for all trim levels. Also, some Avensis models come with adaptive headlights, which can adjust their beam pattern in response to steering input.

What More?

Toyota Corolla is still the most sold sedan in the world and holds a reputation for high durability and low-cost maintenance. However, it’s a small car and won’t be a perfect fit for the family; hence, the Avensis stands as a “roomier” alternative with seemingly more advanced features.


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