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Groundbreaking Insights: MPower by Enable Transforms Workplace Experiences for Menopausal Women

MPower by Enable is proud to unveil its latest findings, from new data drawn between July and December 2023, marking a significant milestone in the journey to revolutionise workplace support for women navigating perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms.

Launched in 2022 as a pioneering programme, MPower by Enable has emerged as a beacon of hope for women grappling with the challenges of menopause in professional settings. With a steadfast commitment to transforming the lives of its participants via personalised coaching and peer support, MPower by Enable is not only achieving this but has also illuminated the urgent need for employers to acknowledge menopause as a significant medical condition impacting workplace dynamics.

The figures are stark: menopausal women constitute 23% of the UK’s female workforce, with the economic toll of menopausal symptoms reaching £1.88 billion annually through lost working days. Alarmingly, 10% of women have been forced to leave their jobs due to the lack of adequate support in managing menopausal symptoms.


MPower by Enable offers hope to thousands of women whose symptoms cause them to lose confidence in their abilities and skills and are then forced to take time off work or leave employment, its personalised coaching and peer support service has evidenced a clear pathway to transform the experience of people going through and working with menopause.

The innovative programme provides bespoke 1 to 1 coaching alongside supportive peer group sessions and Menopause Champion training delivered by menopause health coaches either face-to-face or virtually. This holistic approach aims to improve psycho-emotional wellbeing, reduce feelings of isolation and equipping clients in self-management so they can be more active in their own care and minimise the disruption the menopause causes their lives and work, and the latest data paints a compelling picture of its effectiveness: an Overall Programme Satisfaction rate of 97%, with 93% reporting significant improvements in their ability to cope with menopause symptoms at work. Perhaps most strikingly, following programme completion, an astounding 97% of clients reported abstaining from taking any time off work due to menopause-related issues—a testament to the programme’s transformative impact on workplace experiences.

Lydia Singer, Project Manager of MPower by Enable, reiterated the programme’s mission to address the pressing need for support among women navigating menopausal symptoms in professional environments. “We care about menopause,” she asserted, “Our mission is to support women whose challenging symptoms can undermine their confidence and lead to forced absences from work. MPower by Enable’s innovative approach equips women with the tools they need to manage their symptoms effectively and remain active contributors in their personal and professional lives.”

Resonant client testimonials further affirm the programme’s efficacy, with participants expressing profound gratitude for the support provided and the positive impact on their well-being and workplace interactions.

These results underscore the tangible impact of our MPower by Enable’s support on the overall well-being and workplace experiences of women navigating this life transition. “I was always able to communicate with my manager but accessing the support and giving my manager feedback help me feel less mad and isolated” says one client.  

MPower by Enable remains steadfast in its dedication to empowering women in the workplace. Employers eager to learn more about the programme and its potential benefits for their workforce are encouraged to reach out for further information.

To delve into the full report, visit Our Impact – Enable Menopause Programme (

Enable is a not-for-profit organisation, working in partnership with Wandsworth Council, charities, and other organisations to deliver health, leisure and community services and events that enrich people’s lives. We go further, reinvesting any profit from our activities to make an even bigger difference, strengthening the communities we work with. Registered with the Charity Commission (no. 1172345).

Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

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