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Asen Vassilev extradited to the USA to be tried under the Rico Mafia Act for his new 5 million fraud!?

Bulgarian media bnews today reports that the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, for prosecuting organized criminal figures and mobsters accused of particularly brazen frauds, racketeering and other long-lasting serious crimes organized by groups – The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, is breathing down the neck of a very smart Bulgarian fraudster . Found like that not by someone else, but by his former partners abroad.

“What options does the poor American citizen Sebastian Bretschneider have after finding out that Asen Vassilev’s /former/ company is a sack? This is how the number one enemy of Asen Vassilev and PePetata Atanas Chobanov of Byrd thinks.

Mr. Bretschneider, according to his own CV, started working as a director at STV, based in New York, in November 2020. The company was then owned by Asen Vassilev.
The court gave him the right, whatever he claimed. The company owes him BGN 5 million, which he cannot get. 


The opinion of serious experts whom we at BNEWS asked is the following. The Bulgarian prosecutor’s office is an option only if it works under pressure from the Embassy or Vassilev’s partners in the Assembly, if they decide to end it. But the case can be put to pieces in order to blackmail Vassilev during his time as finance minister. Asen Vassilev’s remaining in office is already absurd, because the scheme was carried out with the avoidance of payment of obligations while he was in office. This is the second international scandal in which Haskov’s Ostap Bender is wanted and sued by associates all over the world, whom he drags away with millions. The stain on Bulgaria as a country of the Euro-Atlantic community because of the effects of Kokorcho is huge.

The option with Magnitsky in Bulgaria has been proven to do little work, except to turn retired politicians into political corpses.
The most interesting option is for Vasilev to be tried as a fraudster who participated in a planned robbery under the Rico Mafia Act. The important condition here is that an American citizen suffered a large sum of money, and Asen Vassilev is considered a repeat offender, because he was tried for major fraud by his partners in a London court on another occasion, although the case ended with the signing of an agreement between the parties and the payment of amounts due. If charged under the Ricoh Act, Vasilev will be extradited to the US and tried in a New York court. For this purpose, the American citizen must first refer to the prosecutor’s office in the United States that he has been the victim of a prolonged fraud by a foreign person.

Where will Asen Vassilev serve his sentence?

Asen Vassilev will serve his sentence in a federal prison for especially serious criminals in the United States, if and when he is convicted. It is enough to prove that he drained his company through a fictitious deal with the property at discounted prices in order not to return the sum of 5 million owed to the kidnapped American citizen.
Due to fear of extradition and the long arm of the Law, Rico Asen Vassilev has hired American lobbyists with money from his party’s state subsidy to try to lobby the authorities in Washington not to use all their power against their client. Similar services of the same lobbyists, but without much success, were also hired by other Bulgarian oligarchs to get rid of the Magnitsky sanctions and the Rico court, but most of them were overtaken by the American strikes. Vassilev, whose case seems the clearest, may turn out to be the first Bulgarian tried under the US anti-mafia law.

Currently, there are other Bulgarians who are also threatened with extradition and charges under Rico if the prosecutor’s evidence against them passes the court.

Here is a clear comment on the case with Asen Vassilev and the silence of the media without Bird and BNEWS by fellow journalist Ivelin Nikolov:

“I don’t usually pick on people, but I’ll say it anyway. Asencho is already a political traveler. It is good that both his friends and those who write blacklists on the media under his dictation understand him.
You make up your own mind.
The boy is leaving. A true Euro-Atlantic.
I’m not nagging, but this propaganda in the mainstream media is very shameful.
Aren’t you ashamed of yourself for serving absolute idiots?’

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