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Rapper Piotr LiRoy-Marzec invests in Blockchain

The Blockchain Economy Summit held in London on February 28th., being the world’s largest blockchain conference, provided an excellent platform for companies to showcase their innovative products to a wide audience.

Rapper Piotr LiRoy-Marzec, explained to CoinReporter his support  for Hubberger’s blockchain offering.

Hello Liroy, how are you?


Today I’m great. It’s good to see you here in London. Great venue. I’m like many times in long, like every month in London, but our first time in this blockchain economy summit. So yeah, it’s great place. Yeah, yeah.


Always happy when we see people like you in London, yeah. What do you think about the future of Bitcoin?

The blockchain is the whole great idea and Bitcoin is only a part of this blockchain. So when I was in the Parliament because I was at the Parliament to legalize weed, but it’s a different history but.

One of the things that was taken about was the blockchain. Cause the blockchain is the future for so many things that I do in my life. Even when I talk with the politicians someday, like few years ago, about eight years ago, maybe 10, I was sitting at the studio in the TV and we’ve been talking about the future of medicine, problems in medicine. So I said yeah you, you can cut all those problems of most of those problems with the blockchain and all they all look at me and like.

What am I talking about? They had no idea what the blockchain is. But yeah, I love blockchain and whole world that’s coming with it. So yeah, this is the life I live in. Like long long years so.

That’s that’s why we love it.

They are always happy to have people like you. With this you have a lot of.

Influencers are around you, yeah.

Lot of people liking your.

Music, yeah.

So we so it’s always happy to have people around you promoting.

Blockchain, yeah.

For you to do the the legalizing.

Of your.


In Poland, for many years I was I we have a big organization, it’s free cannabis organization, one of the biggest in the world, actually causes more than a million people in it. But for many years we tried to talk to the government about legalize, legalize and everything, so they they did nothing. So eight years ago, I just goes to the starting elections. I won.

I start working hard on my bill and my bill called Lex Leroy passed and we have legal cannabis. We legal medical cannabis from 2017 because of my bill and it was hard hard work and lot of years of work but.

When we came to the Parliament, we actually, I did it in one year and a half with the government that it’s ohh to the government. Now everybody said when I came to the Parliament they said Ohh, it’s not possible for you to do anything with the cannabis. Actually I did it and I did more than with the governments before. So yeah, I think it depends how, how hard you want to do this and it’s the same. That’s why I like the crypto, the blockchain.

Never because similar the cannabis words. So we have the same situation we do we the our main thing from many many years is education. The hamburger come is not only about money it’s about education. We want to educate people all around the world in the whole globe. What is cannabis? What you can do with this and and we talking only the facts so we want people to be informed.

Well, just to know the real facts, not talking so much about cannabis that can do anything or saying some bad things about cannabis. I want people to know the real truth. So that’s why the hamburger is for the for for the people around the globe because they can come to this, to our portal and they can buy anything from a cannabis world. They can learn many things that and be educated like.

Even in a few minutes and in the same time they can watch TV, lifestyle TV about cannabis. We have news from around the world. We are opening the UK television next year. This year is it will be the first television from Warsaw, next going to be from London. We have plans for Berlin and LA and Hong Kong. We want to be everywhere so.

But the main thing is educating. That’s the same here with the blockchain is we need to educate the the people especially actually the kids they they educated already. But we have a lot of work like for people like in my age that people that.

Right now, they know.

Really loved about the Internet, about apps and all this work. But when I’m, when I’m, when we start talking about blockchain, it they like ohh they they’ve heard something but they don’t know what it is. So the whole years right now in the future is about educating people. And this is our core in a hamburger. That’s why. Yeah, in the Parliament was hard to do that, but we did it in one year and a half.

Of our work and it was first time in the history of Polish Parliament. Then any bill cames with so many people with yes. Everybody was saying yes. So it was crazy. Every party, even opposition and the government they said yeah for my bill that was crazy day really. So we are right now we’re mixing this up, those two words, the blockchain world with the cannabis. It’s a great communication. It’s a great mixture because well because of this we can make.

Things like.


They’re bringing value to the people around.

Yeah, yeah, definitely. There is a problem in the cannabis world with pain. The banks are acting different. We are legal companies like the other companies, but they treated us differently just like you know, that’s why this mixed of blockchain and the cannabis ward is is got many good things with it and we have the same job like with the community, with communication to the people they all this stuff about.

Education, you know, and yeah, we have so much things to do, and this thing we do on a hot burger is so great fun. So we I can talk about this like whole day and the whole night. Yeah.

What what we need more. We have to be excited about the work, what we do.

So this is amazing.

That you utilize blockchain.


Value to the people around the world and we really.

Like your NFTS, yeah, because.

This is it. Polish company.

Someone around the world.

Yeah, they’re very.

Nice. We actually we global company we we don’t, we don’t use to one country. We we like community of many people. We want to cooperate with so many countries actually we want to cooperate with it with anybody and because of this NFT we want to share 20% of the company at the end because our shareholders, you know all the people that are buying our NFT’s right now we have the seat in two weeks, it’s almost sold out but.

But we have few left.

I will be in the queue for.

Yeah, yeah. Hamburger come. I really doesn’t have this.

There is a 8 more.

Yeah, yes, yes. There is a lot of people on this white list, but there’s not so many NFT’s right now. And the NFT’s are crazy too because they I I compose music for all this stuff. So this is like a collection of my new sons, new music. So many of my listeners, the people from London, I I talked to the people today, some Polish community and some guys from London.

That they listen to my music, to my tracks. And I told them that NFTS’s got my new music, so they’ve been like, OK, I wanna buy it.

That this is just extra because all these things that NFT’s got more than only music and looking good cause it’s all about shares about being a part of this making money from our launch pad. Because we the the the guys that go all the people that gonna buy NFTS they they can work with our lunch parties. The first time in the history. The lunch about cannabis and blockchain and there’s so many things you need to check that out on a

You, yeah you have the all the economy and the tokenization. You can check how we figure it out and I’m really appreciate that we have so many pros in our team and actually I’m I said like a few lines before that I’m good with blockchain. I know many things about blood. No I’m not I know those things because I was doing this in the Parliament event but I’m still with the those guys that they really prose and I thanks to God that they.

Teaching me all this thing so every day I’m becoming more smarter about all those things I see actually.

I see so many things that we can do with the with, with, with the blockchains in the future, especially in the cannabis business. Right now we have.

We grow in a week in the future like when you read the on our pay on our website you can be a part of our crops will cause we’re growing right now in the next year at the end of this year the first medical cannabis in this business. So you can be a part you can have a part of this growth yeah everybody in the yes everybody can read about this we have the White Paper you can check this how you can become.

Part of this our facility with medical cannabis. And yeah, it’s a law. You need to read it, yeah.

Actually, uh, you said you planning to utilize anything with your music. OK, so maybe this will be very helpful for many young singers who are your followers.

Yeah, definitely. I’m trying to educate people for many years. Well, what the blockchain is, I’m showing them why they need music like those NFTS that they own this music. I’m every day I’m trying to say to to to my listeners what the difference.

And the special thing about the blockchain is that for me and a lot of people that I’m working with, the lawyers, friends, I got a lot of friends, lawyers that they musicians too. And the blockchain is the future for the.

Yeah, digital is gonna royalties. It’s a great thing. We don’t need all those organizations. It’s all transparent in the blockchain. So I think it’s the future for for all the.

The copyrights, it’s it’s a great thing. We have the project with the few people, few of my friends from Poland, Germany and the states, we have a great idea about how to do to.

How to change actually thinking about the royalties right now. So I’m showing this to to my friends, the rappers from abroad from States and the rappers from Poland. How we can change right now the things in the royalties and how we can change showing our music to new public. So yeah, this is one of those things. So, and I love to have I I got a lot of NFTS from my friends that they put music on it. So a lot of rappers.

Right now, thinking about doing another things. My friend Snoop Dogg got his great he’s like like the greatest mind. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And right now my friend I, Steese becoming common to cannabis ward because right now he’s investing in a new project in California. So a lot of my friends right now investing in blockchain and in the cannabis cannabis world. So I’m glad that I can.

Makes those two words and they help each other to help all those people and many companies to Co work with each other.

Brilliant. We love to see your hard work rewarded.


Thank you for your interest.

And you need to check the website and you check our wheat cause our medical cannabis weed is common and you need to check the Leroy OG strain. Ohh this is a great.

Thank you for your interview.

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