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Inspire the Digital Transformation

The ZTE 5G Summit & User Congress, “Inspire the Digital Transformation”, has taken place in Italy.  It’s a large international forum hosted by ZTE every year.

Based on the latest industry developments, prestigious guests and industrial thought leaders from global operators, government representatives, consulting institutions, industry partners, and pioneering organizations of the ICT industry gathered together to exchange industrial insights and innovations.

The two-day event explored innovative transformation seen through 5G and beyond.


Speaking to EU Reporter,  Jianpeng Zhang, Senior Vice President of ZTE Corporation, said

“The industry has a very high requirement for technical innovation. If you look at the transformation of technology in the industry, you will obviously find that in almost every decade new innovative technology will be invented.

So that means you must keep on innovating. This means we must keep on investing in innovation.  5G is a complicated technology, and a revolutionary technology that will bring that revolutionary change”

Organised and led by ZTE, over three hundred industry leaders and experts attending the congress heard from a variety of prestigious partners and customers.

During the event, attendees heard insights from GSMA, 3GPP, Intel, CCS Insight, Global Data, and top-tier operators who shared their industry development viewpoints, and the latest technology innovations which are inspiring the digital transformation that the industry is currently experiencing.

On the second day, various speakers dived deeper into the newest innovations and solutions. Delegates had the opportunity to see fellow operators and ZTE experts showcase the latest technologies in the field alongside successful cases.

Topics included – Discovering Revolutionary Solutions and Inspiring the Digital Transformation. 5G Real-world use cases & 5G application showcase, and the release of the “Beyond 5G” White Paper.

There were also exhibitions of the latest solutions: future networks, network enhancement, future city and coming home model, and new-generation green solutions.

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