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European Court of Human Rights to Review Legality of Moldovan Government’s Ban on the Shor Party

The European Court of Human Rights has decided to hear arguments in a case brought forth by the party against Moldova after it was banned from running in elections last year. The Court has summoned the Moldovan Government to respond to the challenge regarding the prohibition imposed on the Shor Party.

In a statement released on Monday, the Court announced its decision after conducting a preliminary examination of the case’s admissibility. The Court has notified the Moldovan Government and requested a written statement on the facts, admissibility, and merits of the case by July 1, 2024. Notably, the Court highlighted the potential significance of the application, suggesting that it may raise crucial issues relevant to Moldova and the broader Convention system.

Shaul Brazil, a Partner at BCL Solicitors LLP in London, representing the applicants, expressed satisfaction with the Court’s decision, affirming confidence in the Court’s impartial review of the case. Similarly, Marina Tauber, former Vice-Chair of the Shor Party, welcomed the Court’s approval of the application, emphasizing the importance of justice and democratic principles in the case.


The legal team representing the applicants comprises experts from various prestigious firms, including BCL Solicitors LLP in London, Essex Court Chambers, and DALDEWOLF in Brussels. The application to the ECHR challenges the ban on the Shor Party, alleging violations of fundamental human rights.

The case background reveals a contentious history between the Shor Party and the Moldovan Government, with allegations of political harassment and bias. Despite the ban on the Shor Party confirmed by the Constitutional Court in June 2023, dissenting opinions within the court and concerns over impartiality have been raised, further complicating the legal landscape.

The outcome of this legal battle holds significant implications not only for the Shor Party but also for Moldova’s democratic processes and the broader Convention system. As the ECHR proceeds with its review, the eyes of international observers remain fixed on the case, awaiting a verdict that could shape the future of political rights and freedoms in Moldova.

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