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ALDORIA closes €10M Series A Funding

ALDORIA (formerly Share My Space), a leading pioneer in the field of Space Situational
Awareness (SSA), announces the close of its Serie A funding round, securing €10M in equity
investments from a strong syndicate, bringing the total amount of investment in the company to €22M to date. The consortium includes Startquest Capital, the European Innovation Council Fund, the French State, through its “Deeptech 2030” fund managed by Bpifrance, Expansion Ventures, Space Founders France, and Wind Capital.

To support this new stage of development, the company is strengthening its brand. Effective today, Share My Space becomes ALDORIA, a former name of the Pleiades nebula.

The funding round was led by Starquest, a dedicated advocate for green financing through Article 9 of the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation. Article 9 mandates that investments must have sustainable objectives. ALDORIA’s mission to protect critical space assets and resources aligns perfectly with this policy. Starquest’s dedication to green financing reflects a global shift towards sustainable investments, and ALDORIA is proud to see space recognized as an environmental priority.


The space environment, which is essential for numerous critical functions on Earth, including
communication, navigation, and climate change monitoring requires safeguarding from the
detrimental effects of space debris and other threats.

“We at Starquest are delighted to lead this financing round and to bring our support to an
outstanding and disruptive team. They are paving the way to many critical applications for efficient climate monitoring, a critical issue we are tackling with our Starquest Protect fund.

We feel extremely confident about the growth potential of ALDORIA, an icon of the French deeptech acting for a global future.” – Arnaud Delattre, President at Starquest Capital
Svetoslava Georgieva, Chair of the EIC Fund Board, said: “Recognising the increasing
importance of European leadership in the global space arena, ALDORIA’s vision aligns with our commitment to fortifying the region’s space safety efforts. With proprietary sensors and a keen understanding of market dynamics, ALDORIA is poised for sustained success as a market leader in the evolving landscape of Space Situational Awareness.”

This Serie A round is a significant milestone for ALDORIA, underlining the company’s
achievements. These include establishing a global presence in over 17 countries through
strategic contracts and partnerships with prominent space agencies like CNES and ESA,
commercial satellite operators such as Airbus Defence & Space, and other key stakeholders
including Astroscale and Isar Aerospace.

With aerospace fundraising at its lowest level in over a decade, ALDORIA’s value proposition has shown to be attractive in a demanding investor market. The successful closing of this
oversubscribed €10M equity round serves as a testament to the confidence placed by the
investors. This is also the largest equity funding round for an SSA company in Europe.

“We have been striving for half a decade to make Earth orbits recognized as part of our
environment. More and more people in the space community and beyond have become aware of the space debris issue. We are very happy that orbital environment protection is now supported by green finance, and we are therefore particularly proud of our partnership with Starquest Capital through their Protect Article 9 fund, with the continued support of our existing shareholder Expansion Ventures, as well as several public investors. “Romain Lucken, CEO of ALDORIA.

The number of active satellites in low Earth orbit is expected to grow from nearly 9,000 today to 40,000 in 2030. The ramifications of this increase are already noticeable. ALDORIA’s orbital
information system has generated 230,000 independent measurements on 5,000 objects and
anticipated 30M close approaches between resident space objects in 2023.
Amid the growing insecurity caused by the lack of space traffic rules, ALDORIA is taking control back by advising operators on real-time threats. ALDORIA stands at the forefront of global innovation with its cutting-edge optical system, renowned for its wide field of view capable of detecting large amounts of small objects including stealth satellites. The precision and clarity offered by its patented optical systems provide a competitive edge in capturing detailed information about the space environment.

With 20+ customers and a unique network of six optical surveillance stations on four continents, Aldoria is now ready for its next development stage. Besides expanding the network to 12 stations by 2025, one of the strategic objectives is to develop and refine a multi-sensor approach to address more customer use cases through data fusion.
Overall, ALDORIA is set to offer a competitive European SSA solution to the global market. The Series A funding will facilitate the expansion of its presence, investments in local talents, and contributions to the growth of the European space ecosystem, in line with the upcoming EU space law

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