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Currys plc: a win-win international e-commerce platform

With the rapid development of the Internet and digital economy, the traditional consumption mode has been gradually replaced by the new consumption mode. The new consumption value-added model, that is, through digital and Internet technology, closely connects consumers, merchants and platforms to achieve a win-win situation of 1+1+1>3.

Under the new consumption value-added mode, Currys plc e-commerce platform came into being to provide integrated digital retail solutions, linking online stores and 800+ physical stores and carrying out omni-channel business. It aims to provide customers with a comprehensive, efficient and convenient shopping experience. The platform covers a wealth of product categories, including but not limited to household appliances, digital products, smart devices, etc., to meet the needs of different user groups.


Currys plc e-commerce platform takes intelligent recommendation system as its core function, and provides customized product recommendations for users based on user historical shopping data and personalized preferences; a safe and convenient payment system supports a variety of payment methods to ensure transaction security; the omni-channel logistics system realizes the rapid distribution and after-sales service of commodities, and ensures that customers enjoy one-stop shopping services.

As a leading WEB3.0 shared e-commerce platform, Currys plc e-commerce platform breaks through the barriers of traditional e-commerce platforms and enables users to experience multiple entertainment and satisfaction in shopping with “Play Shopping + Buy to Earn Thinking”. It enables online and offline merchants and entity enterprises to make merchants deliver goods fast without worry, realize risk-free profits and rapid return of funds, and achieve rapid development of enterprises. It provides users with more choices and better value. Users can easily share goods and services, so as to get more benefits and opportunities. In addition to free, efficient and convenient consumption, users can also complete tasks and earn commissions.

The advent of the AI era has brought new historical opportunities to the e-commerce industry. Currys plc e-commerce platform is open to merchants to attract a large number of high-quality merchants and commodity libraries. In the five aspects of content, users, marketing, goods and services, we can comprehensively enhance the business ability of merchants in the new era of intelligent e-commerce through AI technologies and tools, while allowing consumers, a new business entity, to gradually move to the front, grasp more dominant power, and bring new business formats.

In order to practice the platform’s customer first business philosophy, user data security has been strongly guaranteed with embedded advanced encryption technology and coupled with high-quality background processing capabilities. Relying on strong technical middleground capabilities and altruistic values and driven by the ecology of humanities and business trees, Currys plc e-commerce platform aims to create a trustworthy international e-commerce brand.

Currys plc platform strives to be the leader of digital economy, which not only brings users a better shopping experience, but also creates a more harmonious and win-win ecology for the whole society. Merchants, the partners of Currys plc e-commerce platform, can not only enjoy the policy of low service charges, but also bring more business opportunities and profits to enterprises. At the same time, it will obtain huge traffic sharing and joint marketing after joining in, so as to continuously enhance its business value and brand influence.

In the foreseeable future, Currys plc e-commerce platform will continue to upgrade and optimize data, orders, customer service and other functions to help merchants improve operational efficiency and operational capabilities, seize wealth business opportunities one step ahead, and build a cloud intelligent e-commerce promotion service platform integrating big data marketing, financial technology and employment matching.

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