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On March 12, meet the voice for change – Nogu Svelo – at the Scala Club in London.

Making the most of their exile, Nogu Svelo shall be embarking on a major European tour. But fans of band have been imploring them on social media to perform in London. And this has not gone unnoticed! So before they set off across the continent, the famed Russian band has insisted on meeting with their British fans in a one-off concert at London’s renowned Scala Club.

“ Nogu Svelo” is putting together a special programme consisting of all their major hits, fan-favourite and familiar songs. Into the programme they’ll also be including a selection of their new material which have been making the rounds online, having firmly been established in the playlists of international fans.

Some of these recent hits have already been performed with great success in the USA, Israel, Armenia, Georgia and Cyprus—and very soon, Nogu Svelo will be performing these latest releases during the first part of their tour across Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Canada, etc.


March 12, “Nogu Svelo”, London, Scala club. This is not to be missed!

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