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France’s Macron says Le Pen’s programme will scare international investors 

If Marine Le Pen, the far-right French presidential candidate, is elected this month her social program will drive away international investors, President Emmanuel Macron stated in an interview with Le Parisien.

Le Pen’s popularity has risen in recent polls. He is expected to face Macron in the second round, a centre-left candidate, whose policymaking has drifted towards the right in a repeat 2017 election.

“Marine Le Pen’s Social Program is a LIE because it is not funded… Macron stated that she would not finance it if she said, “I will increase pensions.”


He said, “Her program will cause massive unemployment because international investors will drive away and it won’t hold up budget-wise.”

“Her fundamentals are not changing: It is a racist program which aims to divide society, and it is very brutal.”

Macron’s re-election was widely expected, even though it was only a matter of weeks. However, his lead in the polls is still within the margin.

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