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is St. Job //

Eat & Drink

by Brussels In View


Think back to a few months ago and you might recall the crisis that hit the horeca trade in Belgium.

One restaurant after another was facing bankruptcy or closure because of the catastrophic effects of the pandemic.

Now, fast forward to the present. The outlook has completely changed – at the least for certain eateries

Relais Saint Job is one such place. It is currently experiencing a significant rebound from the terrible coronavirus crisis.

It is almost booked every night, even those quieter midweek nights.

Why? That must be related to the main reason people eat out: the high quality of the food.

It should be obvious that people have returned to one of the most prestigious brasseries in the region because of this.

This is a traditional, delicious, and reliable fayre that features all the classic Belgian meat and fish dishes.

You will find old favorites like veal kidneys or vol au vent (a few of the signature dishes), as well as filet americain and some delicious steaks (including Scottish beef) on your main card. There is also a wide variety of equally delicious dishes.

These include the Belgian classic mussels. If you love mussels, the good news is that this restaurant has just begun the “season”. They source their top quality supplies only from the best: Zelande in Holland and St Michel in France.

These are some of the most popular items in the country, but you can eat almost anything on the menu, and you won’t be disappointed.

If fish and meat are not your thing, you can also choose from a wide range of vegetable and salad options. There’s even a children’s menu at EUR14.50.

The prices are actually very affordable, considering the quality, especially when compared to some restaurants in central Brussels.

The restaurant is located on St Job’s main square, which is a pleasant suburb of Brussels. It is easily accessible from the centre of Brussels but far enough away to be a nice short excursion for a meal or drink.

All the food is homemade and fresh.

You can also take home a taste of the house by visiting the very active traiteur located directly adjacent to the restaurant. The counter can be seen from your seat and offers a wide variety of delicious “takeaway” options as well as a large selection of wines.

Although the owner of both the restaurant or traiteur is the same, they use different kitchens and are very different.

The resto’s interior is also a treat: it combines traditional brasserie and chic with a touch.

The bar can seat up to 100 people. A large and beautiful terrace is on the roof.

It offers a spectacular view of the entire market below, and is especially popular in summer.

The place is extremely popular, with around 80 percent of people choosing to book tables here to avoid disappointment.

This gives you an idea of how successful the restaurant is again after the horrible experience it had and many others over the past 2 years.

The friendliness and knowledge of the staff is another selling point. Jean-Michel, a senior member, is extremely welcoming and helpful about the menu.

Although he is Belgian, it is actually a mini United Nations because several countries are represented in the staff. This includes Spain, Puerto Rico, Morocco and France. It is, in other words, typical of Belgium.

It is open 7 days a week, making it a pleasant place to eat.

Relais St Job

1 Place St Job Uccle

T.+32 (0)2 375 5724


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